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Depending on the periodontium condition, we work on removing hard and soft deposits, processing periodontal pockets and surgical treatment.

Parodontium diseases represent a group of inflammatory processes which happen at the teeth support apparatus, under the influence of genetic predisposing factors as well as the dental plaque microorganisms. The disease most often begins with the inflammation of gums that can be red, swollen and of soft consistency.
As the disease advances, gums recede, the bone surrounding the teeth becomes damaged, teeth become wobbly until they finally come out. Parodontopathy (periodontal disease) has a harmful effect on the general health and it is closely connected to other systematic diseases, such as heart and lung diseases, diabetes, etc.
In our office, prevention and treatment of teeth support apparatus diseases are performed. Depending on the parodontium state, we work on:

1. Motivating and educating the patients on maintaining adequate oral hygiene

2. Removing hard and soft deposits (dental plaque and tartar)

3. Treatment of periodontal pockets

4. Surgical treatment

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