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We treat all age groups, from the early childhood to the adult age, with clearly set plan , abilities, prognosis and expectations of the orthodontic therapy.

Jaw orthopedics specialist in our office deals with prevention, diagnosis and therapy of teeth and jaw structures irregularities.
Orthodontic irregularities are treated with orthodontic apparatuses which can be:

1. fixed

2. mobile and

3. combined apparatuses

We treat patients of all ages, from the early childhood to adult ages, with clearly laid out plan, abilities, prognosis and expectations of orthodontic therapy for each individual case.
Regular dentist check-ups will help with the early detection and treatment of orthodontic irregularities, which will make the treatment last shorter, and the prognosis be better..
The goal of orthodontic therapy is not only aesthetic, but above all it is functional-improvement of chewing function, nutrition, breathing, speech, oral hygiene routine and dental health preservation.
Although the patients can be treated at any age, the advantage is given to the timely orthodontic treatment which provides more therapeutical possibilities for a simpler problem solution

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