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Placement Implants

Implantation in dentistry involves implant placement into upper or lower jaw, in order to enable a more successful prosthetic rehabilitation.

Implantation in dentistry involves surgical placement of implants in the upper or lower jaw, in order to enable a more successful prosthetic rehabilitation. Titanium dental implants are installed into your jaw bone, thus substituting the missing tooth. The dental implants are absolutely biocompatible with the surrounding tissue and they become completely fused with your bone.
Dental implants are the best choice for you if you want to replace one or more missing teeth. In case of a lost tooth, chewing food is more difficult, and that negatively impacts other functions of organism, such as digestion and speech function. Also, if you are missing one of the teeth, while you chew, the jaw bone becomes damaged due to too much pressure, and since the jaw bone supports facial muscles, the face ages in appearance. By installing dental implants in place of the missing teeth, you avoid abrading the healthy teeth, thus prolonging their lifespan.
By installing dental implants in the Specialized dental office "Repic", we make it possible for you to get fixed prosthetic work which will provide you with the feeling the closest possible to that of having real teeth. In our office, we install implants of two renowned firms, Ankylos and MegaGen.
Installation of dental implants in our office is performed by a doctor, an oral surgery specialist, with local anesthetics, which is why the intervention itself is completely painless and safe. After the intervention, there must be a certain waiting period for the implant to "fuse" with the bone (about two months), after whichyou get fixed prostheticswork of non-metal or metal-ceramic crowns.
Dental implants represent the peak of advancement in dentistry, which is why they have become more common. Our specialized office can boast with long experience in installing dental implants of renowned world manufacturers.

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