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Caries is a disease of dental tissue which, if left untreated, can lead to losing a tooth.
Teeth sensitivity can be prevented with certain toothpastes, or in case of high sensitivity, it is necessary to go to the dentist.
Gum bleeding is a common occurrence. It may represent a passing discomfortaccompanied by some general diseases or the cause may be in the very oral cavity. In that case, it is necessary to go to the dentist for the timely beginning of adequate therapy.
Of course it doesn't, and it is necessary to remove it twice a year, or when needed.
Teeth whitening is a chemical procedure, the paste releases oxygen which oxidizes organic matter (pigments) from the superficial layers of enamel, and this method doesn't damage teeth. It can be done in two ways: at home and in the infirmary. The difference is that at-home whitening takes 5-7 days, while in-office takes 45 minutes. It can be done once a year or when needed.
The best toothpastes are herbal, they contain herbal extracts which reduce gum inflammation. Toothbrush should be medium hard and it should be changed regularly. Old, damaged toothbrush can damage your gums.
It takes three visits to make ceramic crowns. The duration from the beginning till the end of the process is 5-7 days.
Yes, of course we do. Our office provides that kind of oral surgical procedure, too. In order to place an implant, there must be a certain amount of bone that can endure the pressure carried from the artificial teeth through the implant onto the bone.
Besides discomfort and pain, which lessen the quality of life, decayed teeth can represent the source of infection spreading into distant parts of organism.
After tooth extraction you mustn't rinse your mouth. You should consume only cold beverages and food, nothing hot. You can put cold compresses on the outside.
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