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Aesthetic dentistry

In our office, we can repair almost all aesthetic problems : missing tooth replacement, in-office teeth whitening, replacing old fillings...

A smile makes you think better of yourself, even if you don't feel that way. And it always makes others think better of you.

Specialized dental office "Repic" thinks of and cares for your smile and makes it more beautiful. The changes of teeth colour, shape, position are possible today, thanks to the modern day methods provided by aesthetic dentistry. Shiny, finely shaped and perfectly white teeth without any discomfort or pain can become reality in our office,in no time
It is possible to repair almost any aesthetic problem:

1. Replacement of a missing tooth

2. Diminishing or complete closing of gaps between teeth

3. In-office teeth whitening

4. Replacing the old fillings with highly aesthetic fillings

5. Treatment and reshaping of soft tissue (gums)

High-end materials German technology
Pain-free interventions A dentist who looks after your smile
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