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Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Our goal is to educate and motivate the young ones to preserve their mouth and teeth health, and also to early detect and treat pathologic processes.

Implant placement

Implantation in dentistry involves implant placement into upper or lower jaw, in order to enable a more successful prosthetic rehabilitation.

Dental prosthetic

Dental office "Repic" successfully performs dental prosthetics, i.e. replacing missing teeth with prostheses.


We treat all age groups, from the early childhood to the adult age, with clearly set plan, abilities, prognosis and expectations of the orthodontic therapy.

Oral surgery and implantology

In our office, all oral-surgical interventions, as well as implant placement, are done by an oral surgery specialist


Depending on the periodontium condition, dentists work on removing hard and soft deposits, processing periodontal pockets and surgical treatment.

Aesthetic dentistry

In our office, we can repair almost all aesthetic problems: lost tooth replacement, in-office teeth whitening, replacing old fillings...

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Frequently asked questions

Teeth sensitivity can be prevented with certain toothpastes, or in case of high sensitivity, it is necessary to go to the dentist.
Caries is a disease of dental tissue which, if left untreated, can lead to losing a tooth.
After tooth extraction you mustn't rinse your mouth. You should consume only cold beverages and food, nothing hot. You can put cold compresses on the outside.

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Enhancing lip volume with hyaluronic acid. A simple and brief intervention with local anesthesia which provides lip contour enhancement or volume enhancement.


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